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Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot

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Model of stainless steel cut wire shot:

    Standards for the production of stainless steel shot:
The products strictly comply with international standards: AMS2431, MIL-S-13165C, DIN8201 and VDFI8001. 

    Main technical indicators of stainless steel shot:

Product Description

Stainless Steel Round Shot

Chemical Composition 

Carbon (C)


Manganese (Mn)


Silicon (Si)


Chromium (Cr)


Nickel (Ni)


Sulfur (S)


Phosphorus (P)


Average Hardness (measured under 500g load)


Hardness Deviation

The maximum range of deviation is ±1.0HRC or ±40HV.

    Note: other chemical composition may be provided as per users’ requirements.
    304 Austenite Type: carbon (C)<0.25%, chromium (Cr)=16~18%, nickel (Ni)=6~10%, silicon (Si)<1% and manganese (Mn)<2%.
    430 Ferrite Type: carbon (C)<0.25%, chromium (Cr)=16~18%, silicon (Si)<1% and manganese (Mn)<1%.
    410 Martensite Type: carbon (C)<0.25%, chromium (Cr)=11~13%, silicon (Si)<1% and manganese (Mn)<1%.

    Application scope of stainless steel shot:
    Stainless steel shot cleaning: shot blasting cleaning, shot peening cleaning, cleaning of nonferrous aluminium alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy die castings, shot blasting cleaning of stainless steel castings, shot blasting cleaning of stainless steel forgings, shot peening cleaning of forgings, sand removing of castings, cleaning of stainless steel materials, cleaning of stainless steel sheets, surface burr removing of nonferrous pieces and smoothening, leveling, brightening and processing treatment. It can improve the anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion performance of workpieces, conceal the surface defects of castings and make product surface whitened and brightened. 
    Stainless steel shot derusting: shot blasting derusting, shot peening derusting, derusting of forgings and steel plates, descaling of forgings and derusting of steels, H-shaped steels and steel structures. 
    Stainless steel shot strengthening: shot blasting strengthening of stainless steel parts and shot peening strengthening of heat-treated pieces. 
    Stainless steel shot peening: shot peening of nonferrous aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc die castings and shot peening of stainless steel materials. 

    Application equipments of stainless steel shot:
    Stainless steel shot is a kind of abrasive used for shot blasting machines, shot blasting equipments, shot peening machines, shot peening equipments, sand blasting machines, sand blasting equipments, steel preparation line, steel plate preparation line and steel structure preparation line.

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